Trash – Little Mix Klingelton

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Trash – Little Mix Tonos De Llamada:

[Pre-Chorus: Leigh-Anne]
He’s always workin’ late (What?)
He’s always on his phone (No)
You dealin’ with the pain (Huh?)
Gotta let him go (Huh)
You’re too beautiful
Way too beautiful
I’m telling you, here’s what we gonna do (Woo)
[Chorus: Jade & Leigh-Anne]
If your man’s a player, throw him in the trash
Tell him “see you later”, never call him back
Girl, it ain’t your problem if he don’t know how to act
We gon’ sell them diamonds, spend out all that cash, ’cause
If your man’s a liar, throw him in the trash
Dry out all them tears, we never looking back
Pick up all his things and put ’em in the bag
I’ma throw him out with the trash